W. (message in a bottle)

Processed with MOLDIV

Day 23

Awww.. This place.. This was one of our favorite spots. Our secret spot, paradise on earth. We used to take a swim there. Every summer, in the exact, same spot.

Borris used to make fun of Agnes for her unsually white skin. He said she was glowing in the water, like a bait for the fish.

I left the W ring there. Like a message in a bottle… Actually, it was indeed a message in a bottle…

Borris studies was about computers. Agnes liked computers too. That’s why he bought her this ring. He couldn’t find the keyboard button with her name initial, so he took the “W” one instead. Everyone asked why W? And they used to say W stands for “wife”.

Funny story? This ring broke just a couple of months before they break up. In August 2016. Agnes was so sad. In the end, this had to be a sign, right? Fuckin’ karma..

Location : Tzasteni, South Pelion, Magnesia, Greece


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