Magnet no.2

Processed with MOLDIV

Day 8

This cute little magnet used to be in the living room, attached to the heating radiator, right next to the sofa Agnes usually sat. There were two sofas : one for her, one for Borris. I would say that the living room was their favourite spot in the house. Whenever they sat there, Agnes used to touch Borris’ hair and give him tiny kisses on his cheeks and neck. She also teased him by touching his ears. He didn’t really enjoy it but he let her do it… Small actions of love.

Everytime she sat on the sofa, she took a glance to all those magnets. Her favorite was a cute, blue dinosaur. Soon in the blog.

The day Agnes left this magnet was raining cats and dogs, it was cold and windy. This couldn’t stop her from climbing up to the clock tower, to the second balcony, get soaked up by rain and take some pictures of it. The view was outstanding.

Location : Clock tower of Trikala, Trikala, Thessaly, Greece


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