Magnet no. 1

Day 6

Agnes liked magnets very much! It was a habit inherited by her mom. Borris bought her lots of magnets. Magnets with advertisements, magnets with animals, with cute little figures, little cars, dinosaurs etc. They will be starring in the blog soon.

There were magnets everywhere inside their home. Agnes called it THEIR home, but Borris didn’t. Her nieces always played with the magnets whenever they visited them and Agnes used to yelled at them : “hey princesses, be careful! it’s a gift from Borris, don’t you dare ruin it!”

This one was the sweetest one, because of its content. Milky way, Maltesers, Mars. Borris is a sweet-tooth and Agnes used to bought him candies almost every day to make him happy. His face lit up everytime he ate a candy and she felt so happy.

Still the taste of her feelings is bitter.

Location : Nālu Café, Alimos, Athens, Greece


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