The story.

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. Let’s call them Borris & Agnes. Fate brought them together. In fact, social media did.

Like in every love story, they fell in love. Like lots of love, like serious love. They spent their lives together over the years, growing up side by side for 9 1/2 years. It wasn’t easy but love was above all difficulties. That’s what they used to say: “Nothing can bring us down. OUR LOVE IS ABOVE ALL.” What a cliché!

Agnes stood by him in any case. She was his girlfriend, his friend, his sister, his soulmate.He also stood by her. In good times and bad times. In her highs and her lows. And there were many times like this.

They were a happy couple and everyone was convinced they would be together forever. They were dreaming and making plans for the future. Together.

Borris left home one day to find a new job and it became a long distance relationship.  This wasn’t the first time though, they’ve done it before. Agnes was patiently waiting for him, having in mind the promise he gave her: “As soon as I find a decent job, we will leave and start a new life. Together”.

She loved him so much and agreed without any second thoughts. Agnes kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting… She never asked for nothing more than love. No marriage, no kids, no commitments. These were for losers. She just wanted to be with him and would give up everything and follow him anywhere, even if it was at the end of the world!

And then… BOOM! Something was wrong. Borris started acting weird and put her out of his life, day by day. She was trying to figure it out. One day she was thinking everything was wrong, the other day Borris assured her everything was just fine, she was overreacting and they would get through this. Distance made it worse.

Details don’t matter. Borris ended their love story without any explanation, on a chilly autumn night in October 2016.

Agnes was heartbroken. She’ll never understand why.


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